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direct admission in Btech



Pune city is the best option for engineering aspirants because while graduation they get better exposure to the companies present in Pune through internships. Even after graduation, the prospect of getting job becomes easy for the students present here. For direct Btech admission call +91-9823513283

In term of quality education, Pune is not just limited to government colleges but, the private institutes have matched equally with the government institutes. The Engineering colleges in Pune offer the various degree in different fields of engineering. Some of them are Electronics and telecommunication, computer science, information technology, civil engineering, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, petroleum engineering, statistics, aeronautical engineering, aerospace engineering. To make your search even easier,  here we are providing you with the list of Top Engineering Colleges in Pune for Direct Admissions. This list might help you in selecting  the right college for admission. We are here to help you with the admission process and transcend your dream of graduating as an engineer.

For direct Btech admission call +91-9823513283


There is an adage- ”With every single step towards your goal gets you closer to your destiny”. Hope this list helps you to choose the better option according to your talent and dedication.




  • JOB OPPORTUNITIES–  There is a guarantee of jobs for a bright future and some of the top engineering colleges provide job opportunities in MNC with good salary package.
  • BETTER ENVIRONMENT TO GROW– Sometimes the bright students don’t get exposure due to which they lack in skills and confidence, but taking admission in engineering college in Pune can help you grow completely, so that, when you complete your graduation you will be industry ready.
  • STUDENT ACTIVITIES AND PROJECTS– Many engineering colleges provide students a chance to collaborate in projects of top research centers like HAL,DRDO,ISRO and many other.
  • ALWAYS IN TOUCH WITH  COMPETITION– You get the chance to study with the best faculty of India and most of the cream layer of students study here. You get a chance to study in such an environment where you get to know what must be the right direction in your life for a brighter future.
  • A WORTH EXPERIENCE IN LIFE– It’s true when you get into the place where you can change your life then, it’s a worthwhile experience. Many marginal students whose families are financially weak get the chance to grow and change their conditions. Many brilliant students get the right path to lead their career.