Direct admission in a Law college

Students here we will help you to get direct admission in law colleges. As we all know law education in India was started in 1987. The main regulatory system of law education in India is BCI (Bar Council of India). The first law university in India was established in Banglore, Which is the National Law School of  India University.

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In India, there are top 16 National law universities. Students can make their aims after 12th or can be interested after graduation in any disciplines. After 12th this course takes to complete 5 years. But after graduation, it takes only 3 years to complete. Here we can help you with the direct admission in law colleges. Law education includes a variety of programs.

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In India, law education is offered at different levels by the traditional universities and the specialised law universities and schools. Law degree in India is permitted and consult in terms of the advocates’ Act 1961. Under the Act, the Bar Council of India is the first regulatory body to regulate the legal profession in India and also maintenance of professional standards by the legal profession in the country. Many career option and job profile are there after completing the courses. And there is no age limitation for these courses. So, students, you can hopefully apply for the direct admission in Law colleges through management quota.

The following are the primary degree in law education after pursuing these relevant courses.

  • LL.B (Bachelor of Law) The LL.B is the most common law degree offered by Indian universities which has a duration of 3 years.
  • Integrated UG degree – B.A.LL.B, B.SC.LLB, BB.A.LLB, B.COM.LLB These degrees are mostly offered in the autonomous law schools having a duration of 5 years.
  • LL.M (Master of Laws)- The LL.M is most common postgraduate law degree having a duration of one or two years.
  • Master of Business Law
  • Ph.D. (Doctor of Philosophy)
  • Integrated MBL-LL.M/MBA-LL.M Generally a 3 years double degree integrated course with specialisation in business law.

Direct Admission in Law college through management quota

The following are the universities offering Primary degrees in law, which are listed below.

  • Christ Law University – To get the aspected education students really have to face tough competition. To get into top law college is a wonder for many students. But as the competition is growing, getting admission in prime college is becoming tough day by day. Students need to change with the choice…
  • Alliance School of Law – The field of law career is a great experience for the students. In Banglore, you will find various law colleges and schools. But the Alliance School of Law offers graduates and research degree programs. Through direct admission in Alliance School of Law. You can choose…
  • M.S Ramaiah College of Law – Students are you aware of M.S Ramaiah College of Law. Of course, you are but not much. So here we are providing you direct admission in M.S Ramaiah College of Law. To own a law degree from a reputed college. This college is such a nice college and gives you …
  • Banglore Institute of Legal Studies  – Students today we will discuss Banglore Institute of Legal Studies. This Institute is globally known for academic excellence. so move your fine step to get direct admission in Banglore Institute of Legal Studies. As we all know this Institute is popular…

Direct Admission in Law colleges without entrance

Students, as we all know great determination and hard work is the only key to success. But as you are a beginner to set your goal in the success field. And wants to study in Law colleges but most of the time you are confused. As many Law colleges provide admission on the basis of entrance exams conducted either on a national level or institute wise. A list of entrance exams for admission is there, but students are unable to score such marks and get rejected because of his entrance scores. As scores matter a lot in admission in top college. So, students, you need not to worry about your scores as we are here for you to help you to get admission in Law colleges without entrance exams.

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